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Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication of Consensus Report Describing Celacyn's (Hypochlorous Acid) Impact on Post-Procedure Treatment and Scar Prevention

PETALUMA, Calif., June 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A distinguished panel of U.S. dermatologists and plastic surgeons explored current literature to establish the value of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as both a pre- and post-procedure regime aimed at prevention of infection, reduction of inflammation and management of scarring, with the objective of enabling optimal outcomes.  The panel of doctors, which included Michael H. Gold, MD, FAAD; Anneke Andriessen PhD; Steven H. Dayan, MD; Sabrina G. Fabi MD; Z. Paul Lorenc MD, FACS; and Meagan-Helen Henderson Berg, reviewed summarized results on the topic while taking into account their own current clinical practices.  A nominal group process for consensus was used, followed by online reviews of the manuscript, the consensus subsequently published in the June 2017 edition of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.  The abstract of this report can be found at:

The role of hypochlorous acid-containing spray and translucent scar gel, which combines modified silicone oil with hypochlorous acid, such as Sonoma Pharmaceutical's patented Microcyn® Technology-based products (NASDAQ: SNOA, warrants SNOAW), was explored as a pre- and post-procedure treatment as well as for scar management.  Based on panel discussions, consensus was reached regarding clinical recommendations for post-procedure treatment and scar management. 

"Our esteemed panel evaluated multiple clinical studies as well as their own current clinical protocols," said Dr. Michael H. Gold, founder of the Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, Tennessee and the Tennessee Clinical Research Center as well as member of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.  "We scoured the internet for credible clinical studies and scientific articles so as to impartially assess the benefits of hypochlorous acid, relative to current protocols as they relate to pre- and post-procedure treatments and scar management.  I am excited about the potential of HOCl to efficaciously and safely treat wounds and scars.  Beyond this, our panel would like to see larger studies of HOCl against the currently used regimes so as to further validate our consensus."

This consensus concluded that hypochlorous acid has been shown to be an efficacious and safe therapy in pre- and post-procedure management, hypertrophic and keloid scar prevention and treatment. Through its potent broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and anti-biofilm effects, HOCl solution has been associated with a lower risk of wound infection than other available treatments including Hibiclens, betadine and povidone-iodine. It increases oxygenation at wound sites, which may improve healing time. The safety of HOCl solution has demonstrated to be comparable to that of standard local antiseptics. The scar gel formulation of HOCl has demonstrated efficacy in improving the appearance of hypertrophic and keloid scars and in relieving associated pruritus and pain. The HOCl scar gel also appears to be safe and well tolerated.  

More information regarding Sonoma Pharmaceuticals' portfolio of hypochlorous acid-based dermatology products including Alevicyn™ Dermal Spray, Alevicyn™ Antipruritic Gel, Subuderm™ Topical Gel and Celacyn™ Scar Management Gel is available at

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